Best Friends Forever

I’m so excited that Charlie and Leo have bonded.  I love watching them chase each other around, play and clean each other!   I would highly recommend if anyone wants to bring a kitten into their lives- they should really bring 2 kittens!  They keep each other company when I’m gone and are endless entertainment for each other.  Plus, the photo ops are pretty good too 🙂

Kitty Kisses
Kitty Hugs

And here are some more individual pictures.  They are growing so fast!

Lazy Kitten
Leo the Lilac Point Kitten
Charlie the Seal Mitted Lynx Ragdoll
Charlie poses for his picture

The Flop and Nature Walks

We call this basket Leo’s “throne.” This is Leo’s #1 sleeping perch. He gets super comfy on it and flops all over the place in his sleep. He stayed in the position for at least half an hour…

Lilac Point Ragdoll Sleeping
No pictures please I’m sleeping here!

Leo sometimes will get off his throne to cuddle with Charlie.

OMG it’s you again with the camera…?

Also, I forgot about this picture.  Before I adopted Charlie, I took Leo with me on vacation up north in Wisconsin.  We stayed in a hotel which did not allow pets (we were rebels)  and so we had to take Leo with us when we left during the day so the housekeepers could clean without seeing the kitty.We walked around the state park with Leo in his cage.  Leo LOVED it.  He loves car rides and he really loved getting to go outside (even though he was in the carrier.) Leo is not good on a leash so we kept him in his carrier.  Here are a few pictures:

Obviously not Leo, but I like this picture

And we can’t forget Charlie!  Let me leave you with one more picture of the new baby:

Seal Mitted Lynx Ragdoll
It’s Charlie!

Until next time!


Meet Charlie!

I finally found a new kitty from a wonderful breeder!  He is a seal mitted lynx Ragdoll.

Seal Mitted Lynx Ragdoll
Meet Charlie!

When I first brought Charlie home,  Leo was fairly skeptical.  He hissed, swatted and ran away from the carrier Charlie was in.  We kept Charlie in a separate room for a few days, and after he was cleared by the vet, I let Charlie and Leo meet face to face.

Their first meeting was entertaining to watch. Leo followed Charlie around, trying to get some sniffs and wondering what is this little furry creature!  I didn’t take pictures because I was to busy supervising.  (Charlie is half the size of Leo and I didn’t want him to get beat up!)

Seal Mitted Lynx Ragdoll Sleeping in basket
So cute in his little basket !
So cute in his little basket !

But after a few supervised meetings and a few more strategically planned separated breaks from each other, Leo and Charlie are getting along really well!

Charlie and Leo cuddling
They like to cuddle 🙂

More pictures to follow!  You can sign up on the right side of the blog to receive notification when new posts are added.

Do You Think He Can Fit?

When Leo, the Lilac Point Ragdoll, was very little, he loved to climb inside this hole and play with a piece of tissue paper that hangs from the inside ceiling.  However, after he got a little bigger, he stopped this game:

Lilac Point Ragdoll Playing
“What do you think? Can I get in here again?”
Leo was toying with the idea about trying out this game again.
Lilac Point Ragdoll playing
“I’m 90% fur, I think I can fit”
So he decided to try…
"I can do it!"
“I can do it!”
 Where’s Leo?
“OMG I got in!”
 Leo posed a few times for the camera:

Ok now it’s time to get out:
“It’s a little harder to get out than it was to get in.”
“I did it!”
He was proud of himself afterwards:


Leo’s Games

October 14, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted updated pictures of Leo.  Here are a few:
Lilac Point Ragdoll Picture hiding in box


Lilac Point Ragdoll Playing in Box
Lilac Point Ragdoll Playing in box
Lilac Point Ragdoll Picture
And here’s one more


October 9, 2011

I am so sorry I haven’t updated in a while! I’ve been extremely busy. Things have calmed down a little, so I plan on updating tomorrow. Leo is getting so big!  Until then, I’ll leave with this older but oh-so-cute picture:
Lilac Point Ragdoll Picture laying on back

Leo’s Hobbies

October 2, 2011

Leo has acquired some rather interesting hobbies for a little kitty.  For example, Leo’s a huge Lady Gaga fan:
Lilac Point Ragdoll Picture Yawning
Lady Gaga says, “show me your teeth.”
Leo has also recently embraced technology:
Lilac Point Ragdoll Picture Playing Video Game
Leo played Madden 2012 for 4 straight hours today.
Lilac Point Ragdoll sleeping
He’s rather protective of his computer. This says, “Don’t touch my Apple.”
Lilac Point Ragdoll Picture sleeping next to cell phone.
Leo even sleeps with his cell phone nearby. He doesn’t want to miss a call.
Although Leo is a little strange for a kitty, he never stops being super-duper cute:
Lilac Point Ragdoll Pictures sleeping


So Cute When They Sleep

August 30, 2011

Leo is a very mischievous little boy.  He likes to jump around from table to chair and back again.  He begs for food when we sit down at the dinner table and he loves to tell us (very loudly over and over again) how to cook as we stand in the kitchen making dinner.  However, there is one activity he loves in which he is always as peaceful as an angel: sleeping !  I thought I’d share a few of those angelic pictures with all of you.  Let’s see what goes through little Leo’s mind while he sleeps:

Lilac Point Ragdoll Sleeping
“I wonder if Obama Care will be repealed by the Supreme Court?”
Lilac Point Ragdoll Sleeping
“I heard a rumor that wold will end in 2012. Wasn’t it supposed to end May 2011? I’m confused.”
Lilac Point Ragdoll Sleeping
“Jennifer Aniston is finally pregnant. I wonder if her baby will be as cute as I am.”
Lilac Point Ragdoll Sleeping
“I better get up soon and get ready for my fantasy football draft tonight.”
Lilac Point Ragdoll Waking up from a nap
“Now I know why they call that a cat nap.”

In The Jungle

August 21, 2011

Leo went for a romp today in the Jungle (at least that what he thinks it is).

Lilac Point Ragdoll
Notice the large white cat in the distance…
Notice the large white cat in the distance…

He was on the prowl for small jungle animals.  It appears he spotted one and is making his move.

Lilac Point Ragdoll Pouncing
Notice the power behind his jumps.

He has caught something.  It’s a small mammal belonging to the order Paperentia (Crumpled Paperculus)  The small creature puts up a fight, but the Cat succeeds.

Lilac Point Ragdoll with toy
The Cat with his Prey
 After a long, successful day in the Jungle, it’s time for the large Cat to take a break and relax on the plush Jungle floor.
Lilac Point Ragdoll Cute
The big Cat attempts to camouflage.


Passed Out

August 20, 2011

Lilac Point Ragdoll
Leo with his mouse

Sometimes, Leo plays so hard that he passes out in amusing positions.  After a rather lengthy play session involving his cloth mouse and ample amounts of running, diving and swatting to (rather successfully) kill the poor thing, Leo crawled up next to me and passed out on his back like this:

Lilac Point Ragdoll laying down
Nap Time I’m Tired!

He looks rather uncomfortable, but I’d bet he beg to differ. My boyfriend, Nick, tried to rub his little belly while in this position, and he gave out a rather annoyed meow and continued to sleep peacefully in this position. It took a lot for me to resist laughing. I didn’t want to wake him up!

Lilac Point Ragdoll Sleeping
I bet his dreaming about catching his mouse!