Leo and Charlie are Back!

We’re back! It’s been a few weeks, but we’ve all been very busy.  Here are some more pictures of the kittens!

Charlie decided to curl up in the mail basket
Charlie’s aunt Tara bought Charlie a cat tree. He loves it!
Leo in his favorite lounging position

Ragdoll cats have beautiful blue eyes.  Here are a few pictures that really show the eyes:

Leo’s eyes are a lighter blue.
Charlie has darker blue eyes

Alright, one more picture.  It truely amazes me how much these two Ragdolls love each other. They are from two different breeders (they are not related) and Charlie came into our house about 2 months after Leo did.  But they are so nice to each other, always cuddling and truly loving each other.  It’s heartwarming to watch!

This is how I caught them sleeping together!

Until next time!


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