Cat In A Basket

I got a new basket from Patts Cat Beds because Leo was literally bursting out of the other one he grew so much.

As soon as I took the basket out and put it on the floor, both Leo and Charlie battled over who got to sit in it first. Leo won the battle, and he sat in the basket for about half an hour before leaving 🙂


But as soon as he left, I moved the basket into the office and went to take a shower. When I got out, look who managed to secure a spot:



Spring is Here!

During a relatively warm streak in December, I bought two leashes for Leo and Charlie. On any day when the temperature was over 45 degrees, I took Leo and Charlie out for a little walk around the parking lot. Charlie was pretty scared, but Leo LOVED IT! I kind of regretted taking him out in December during that warm streak because the next week it got very cold. Leo would stand by the door and meow to go out, but it was just too cold.

But this week in Chicago it’s been gloriously warm! Today was almost 80 degrees. This week I’ve been taking the kittens out for about 20 minutes a day. They really love it.

Here are some pictures…

I try to take them out once a day. They really enjoy it 🙂

Wicked Witch of the West?

One of the most entertaining things that Leo and Charlie do is lay on their backs and roll around.

Here’s how I found Leo the other day:

Wicked Witch of the West?

Notice the resemblance?

Leo just needs some little boots and it’d be just about right.

Now in the picture above, Charlie was sitting next to Leo just basking in the sun.

But after I started taking pictures of Leo in this position, Charlie decided to join in on the other side of the chair:

Charlie joined in on the other side of the chair
Leo and Charlie both play Wizard of Oz

Hanging Out

My sister, Tara, got my kittens a cat tree for Christmas last year.  They LOVE it!  Here’s some pictures of Charlie lounging in the tree:

Leo LOVES to watch TV on my computer.  Whenever I do yoga, he’s always front in center (blocking my view of course).  Sometimes he’ll get on the mat and do a pose or two.

Yoga Kitty!

Here’s one more of Leo. He’s only 9 months old and he’s already getting so big!  He weighs 11 pounds now.


Until Next Time!

New Pictures

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks!  Here are some pictures I’ve collected since the last time I posted.

Charlie and Leo love to look outside when the window is open.  This was a few weeks ago during one of our unseasonable warm days.

I’ll put their perch up next to the window and they’ll sit there for quite a while, checking out the sounds and smells:

My little Charlie has been a bit sick recently.  The vet was afraid of an intestinal blockage, but thankfully that doesn’t seem to be the case.  We finally discovered that after his castration surgery he has been unable to tolerate the dry food I’ve been feeding him.  Now that we’ve switched foods, he seems to be doing much better.

Leo has taken a liking to Woody Allen movies recently.  Here he is, quite riveted by Manhattan:

And here is one more of the bestest friends.  Leo was very concerned for Charlie the last few days as Charlie was under the weather.  The big brother made sure to spend extra time cuddling with Charlie:

Until next time!

Nick (my boyfriend) told me about Cat Fishing, an app you can get for the iPad. Well, I looked it up and it’s free, so I downloaded it. The cats went nuts for it! Here is a video of Leo catching the fish:


Charlie doesn’t seem to like it as much as Leo, but he’ll play with it a little before he gets bored.

I definitely never thought I’d say: “I can’t use my iPad because my cat’s on it!”  🙂

Leo For President

After watching the Republican debate, listening to Mitt, Newt, Ron, and Michelle argue over the same old topics with nothing new to say, I decided I’d rather vote for Leo.  Nick agrees. Leo’s all in.  So now it’s official:

Leo For President!

Merry Christmas!

I don’t ever put pictures of me on this blog, but I’m going to today!  The pictures below are me with my two sisters and my two kittens, Charlie (on the right in my hands) and Leo (on the left in my sister’s hands).

Merry Christmas!

Leo did not want to sit for the picture, so my sister had to hold him in the uncomfortable looking position you see above.  Charlie is a little more easy-going when it comes to picture taking.  I was glad we at least got them to look towards the camera, even if they didn’t look at the camera!

Leo and Charlie are Back!

We’re back! It’s been a few weeks, but we’ve all been very busy.  Here are some more pictures of the kittens!

Charlie decided to curl up in the mail basket
Charlie’s aunt Tara bought Charlie a cat tree. He loves it!
Leo in his favorite lounging position

Ragdoll cats have beautiful blue eyes.  Here are a few pictures that really show the eyes:

Leo’s eyes are a lighter blue.
Charlie has darker blue eyes

Alright, one more picture.  It truely amazes me how much these two Ragdolls love each other. They are from two different breeders (they are not related) and Charlie came into our house about 2 months after Leo did.  But they are so nice to each other, always cuddling and truly loving each other.  It’s heartwarming to watch!

This is how I caught them sleeping together!

Until next time!

Close Up Pictures

Everyone loves a close up picture. All good senior school portraits are close-ups, and any wedding photographer worth their weight in gold will take great close-ups of the bride and groom.   The only close-ups I’m not a fan of – my own!   But Ragdoll cats seem to take the best close-up pictures.  Their big blue eyes and perfect furry faces make almost every picture a winner.

So I decided to take multiple close-ups of Leo and Charlie.  Enjoy!

Charlie the Seal Mitted Lynx Ragdoll Cat
Leo the Lilac Point Ragdoll Cat
Leo and Charlie together 🙂